Local Contact Agency

local-contact-agency-caaa-charlotteWhat is the Local Contact Agency (LCA)?

The Local Contact Agency is a designated local organization responsible for working with the resident and nursing home staff to discuss options for transitioning back to the community.  The LCA offers contact information for community based services that may facilitate transition when a resident indicates an interest in learning more about transitioning home during their assessment (MDS Section Q).

What does the LCA do?

  • Uses a team approach to transition planning by working with the resident, the nursing home staff, and those who support the resident (family or friends).
  • Meets with resident to discuss the feasibility of transitioning back to the community.
  • Shares information and assists with identifying community based resources needed for a safe and successful transition.
  • Provides follow-up with resident and staff on their progress leading up to the transition process.
  • Complete Money Follows the Person (MFP) applications.
NC Statewide Referral Line: 1-866-271-4894 (Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM)